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Unleash Your Creative Potential
Create and sell digital assets as NFTs.
Join ARTXCHAINS to showcase and monetize your digital and physical art in the NFT realm, connecting with a global community.
Eternal Preservation
Blockchain technology offers unparalleled preservation and security for your artwork and its information.
Expanding Horizons
Transform your art into NFT collectibles, reaching wider audiences and ensuring ongoing income through royalties.
Royalties for Life
Creators earn royalties with every resale of their NFTs, ensuring a sustainable income stream.
Transparency and Security
Integrity and security with blockchain transparency.
Our platform offers a transparent and secure way to exhibit and preserve art, benefiting creators and institutions alike.
Revolutionizing Art Monetization
Royalties do not expire.
NFTs provide a new way to monetize art, offering creators continuous benefits and connecting them with a global audience.
Educational Opportunities
Education through NFTs.
Art NFTs serve as educational tools, providing information about the artwork, its creator, and its cultural significance.
Join the Digital Art Revolution
Offering a new user experience.
Be part of a groundbreaking movement in the art world, preserving and presenting art in unprecedented ways.
Transparent pricing with perpetual royalties.
ARTXCHAINS takes 12.5% from the initial sale and a 3% transaction fee, while creators receive 10% of the sale price every time their NFT is resold on the secondary market.
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