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Embark on an Artistic Journey
Unique and interactive digital assets
ARTXCHAINS invites collectors to explore a world where the rarest and most unique digital and physical assets are at your fingertips.
Certified Authenticity
Our collaboration with established artists and institutions guarantees the authenticity of each piece, providing collectors with assurance and value.
Value Redefined
The fusion of physical art with digital NFTs creates a new realm of value and exclusivity, enhancing the allure of each piece.
Exclusivity at Its Core
Our unique NFTs, limited in circulation, offer an exclusive and thrilling addition to the art market.
Patronage Reinvented
Direct support for artists, institutions, and world heritages.
Support the art world directly through NFTs, enabling a novel form of engagement and long-term support for artists and institutions.
Benefits of Collecting
Support institutions while owning a piece of history.
Collect NFTs that are not just art pieces but pieces of history, supporting creators while enjoying enhanced security and transparency.
Interact with Your Collection
Beyond the Frame: ARTXCHAINS lets collectors bring NFTs to life.
ARTXCHAINS provides a platform for collectors to showcase their NFTs beyond traditional means, integrating them into the Metaverse and virtual worlds.
Transparent pricing with perpetual royalties.
ARTXCHAINS takes 12.5% from the initial sale and a 3% transaction fee, while creators receive 10% of the sale price every time their NFT is resold on the secondary market.
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